17 october 2019 eclipse astrology

Full moon dates for 12222, including October's Hunter's Moon

Mother Moon attunes us to deep feelings, illuminates our instinctual nature, and acknowledges our natural human sensitivity to being judged, criticized, blamed, and shamed.

The Gemini Twins remind us that we are always communicating. The Twins represent talking to each other and talking to ourselves.

Partial Solar eclipse 12222: Here is how it will affect you, according to your zodiac sign

At the Scorpio full moon we get in touch with how we protect our vulnerable inner world that contains our emotional feelings. Scorpio is the territory of all kinds of secrets that reside deep within our psyche. September 23, Saturn and Pluto in Libra and the 7th House. Search this site Go. Restrictions placed on you unfairly will ease.

12222 Eclipse Charts

Exciting journeys or ventures will beckon this month, but professional or financial matters will demand your attention. Let others know not to make key decisions in your absence. Knowing when to exercise restraint is crucial.

Two allies speaking with one voice provide answers. Collect your thoughts, and express them clearly and considerately.

Analytical thinking gives you a firmer grasp of issues. Focusing on everyday tasks and duties will help you achieve a great deal, but also carve out time to indulge yourself. An invitation in early October must be taken seriously.

July 2019 Eclipses and the Venus Cycle July - Oct 2019

Going forward after having felt stuck lifts your spirits. There is such a thing as probing too deeply.


Self-confidence replaces frailties of old. Being collaborative goes a long way. Events will give rise to existential anxiety in you and others. Major obstacles are no longer the problem they were.

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