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Falling in love is easy for a Leo and staying in love is a possibility if they continue to receive the praise, attention and adoring admiration of courtship like behavior. On the other hand, individuals with a Capricorn Sun are pragmatic, stoic and reticent when it comes to the verbal expression of their emotions and feelings. Individuals with a Virgo Sun have a certain childlike innocence and old-fashioned streak when it comes to love and romance. They have a sense of the ideal love, the perfect love, and are seldom satisfied.

An Aquarian is anything but old-fashioned when it comes to love and romance. Even in a committed relationship, they prefer a "you have your life, I have mine, and we have our life together" arrangement. Libra and Pisces are both romantics, but they couldn't be more different. A Libra is objective, communicative, and needs ongoing social interactions.

An individual with a Pisces Sun is sensitive to the moods and emotions of others, is uncomfortable with strangers, and needs a private space and time to be alone. A Scorpio is cautious and wants to be the dominant person in a relationship, while an Aries is rash and wants to be in control of their own life. A Scorpio needs intimacy and closeness in a relationship and never forgets harsh things that are done to them. Aries has little interest in intimacy, is easily angered, and is careless with words and actions.

A Sagittarian loves life and people, leads an expansive life and is constantly on the go. They live life as a fun adventure and see no point in tying themselves down with the obligations of a home or family. A Taurus takes life and people in small doses.

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They prefer to sit back, smell the flowers, and watch the grass grow. A Capricorn is unassuming, quiet, dependable and concerned with having a successful career, family and home life.

Best Friend Matches for Your Sign

They plan, set goals, follow the rules and keep steadily moving forward. When it comes to relationships, Capricorn is committed through thick and thin. Gemini is noncommittal, lives life in the fast lane, is impulsive, quick-witted, boisterous, flirty, and likes to spread themselves around.

An Individual with Sun in Aquarius is outgoing and edgy and that's how they want their relationships to be. They are future-oriented and nontraditional, as well as objective and unsentimental. A person with a Cancer Sun is emotional and tender, as well as traditional and sentimental. A Pisces excels at giving both pleasure and love, but prefer to live life out of the spotlight.

They are shy introverts; quiet, reserved, passive, deeply caring, highly emotional, and easily hurt. Life often overwhelms them and when it does, they retreat into their inner worlds. Leo also excels at giving love, however, they like to be seen and always want to be in the spotlight.

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Friendships between these Sun sign combinations won't be as tricky as romantic relationships. Your Scorpio pal will always keep you guessing about their motives and feelings, which is a refreshing change in this time of tell-all journalism. Your contradictions are an endless source of fascination for this natural detective.

The two of you are notoriously stubborn, which can lead to some frustrating stalemates. Sagittarius is one of your favorite people in the whole world. You love their free spirit, open mind, and adventurous heart.

Friend Compatibility Meter

The Archer loves your unpredictable behavior and humanitarian instincts. Sports that require quick wits and quicker reflexes appeal to you both.

Best friend Aries

Taurus people are known for their stubborn ways. Capricorn and Taurus Capricorn and Taurus share similar values and have the same zodiac sense of humor. Actually, once you become close to a Capricorn and earn their trust, they can seem like an entirely different person: warm, loving, and fun. Mnemonics for the Horoscope. Moon Sign Compatibility Calculator Aquarius rising is one of the friendliest of the zodiac.

Get your full Astrology birth chart now with our Essential Birth Report , and start having better experiences with everyone around you. Getting together with Capricorn can be an interesting experiment for you.

The Odd Couples of the Zodiac

Will you be friends forever? Get the scoop on how best to deal with your friends, and make most of your relationship!. When we think about the zodiac signs that are most compatible, it also extends to other areas of life including friendship compatibility.

You like constant change, while Capricorn prefers familiar routines. Just when you think that Capricorn has cramped your style for the last time, your pal does something charming and thoughtful, like remember your fondness for kumquats or find your favorite book from childhood.

The Ideal Best Friend For Each Zodiac Sign

You have to admit, the Goat does lend some welcome consistency to your life. Getting together with your Aquarian pal may be one of the few times you feel normal. Well, as normal as a Water-bearer can be. One thing is for sure: this friendship will never be boring! The two of you never tire of discussing current events and may enjoy getting involved with a few charitable causes.

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Pisces is a pleasing friend for you, mostly because you share their humanitarian instincts. The two of you love to champion the underdog and may have even met at a fundraiser or rally. Furthermore, the two of you are also drawn to New Age subjects like Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology. The two of you are also quite musical and may enjoy playing songs together or sharing playlists.

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